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Techno India College of Technology offers one of the best BBA programmes in the state. The department of BBA was started in the year 2005. The B.B.A. course of TICT is comparable to any world class business school. The enviable team of faculty members, state of the art classrooms, labs & libraries all make B.B.A program the dream program in Management studies.  The B.B.A programme is designed to bridge the gap between conceptual learning and practical application to inculcate professional and managerial expertise. The department currently has around 120 students. It is meant for students who are motivated, disciplined, ready and eager to move ahead in the business world. It is based on the premise that the true mark of learning is not just what you know but what you can do with what you know. Our priority is to provide students a top-notch curriculum where emerging business leaders can build on their professional experiences and successfully contribute to their firms. This innovative programme is facilitated by multi-media learning environment enriched by face-to-face faculty mentoring and coaching.
This prestigious program in management leading to a BBA degree is spread over three years and consists of six semesters, each approximately of six months duration. The program therefore lays strong emphasis in connecting theory and application. In the various courses key concepts are covered and then students are exposed to how they are played out in real business situations using case studies.
The seminal effect of our pedagogy is placement of our B.B.A in all the corporate houses of repute. In a span of less than a decade, our students have ensured their presence at responsible positions in Multinationals and Indian companies.