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Major Equipments:

  • Ammeter, Trivector meter, 3Ø standard energy meter,3Ø energy meter, Non directional over current relay.
  • Over voltage relay,Over current relay,Over voltage relay (Instantaneous), Earth fault relay.
  • Earth fault relay (instantaneous),Under frequency relayOver frequency relay,Reverse power relay.
  • Negetive seq relay,Percentage bias differential relay,Directional over current relay,Pilot relay.
  • DC shunt motor,DC shunt generator,DC Ammeter,DC Voltmeter,3 Point Starter,Rheostat,RPM meter.
  • Time delay relay,Induction Regulator,Under tested voltmeter,Under tested ammeter,Standard ammeter,Standard Voltmeter.

Experiment List:

  • Calibration of energy meter by Trivector meter electronic energy meter.
  • Different type of electromechanical relay.
  • No load characteristics of DC shunt generator.
  • Parallel operation of 3Ø Transformer.
  • Synchronous operation of 3Ø alternator.
  • Speed control of DC shunt motor by armature voltage control.
  • To study phase shifting transformer cum induction regulator.
  • To calibrate ammeter & voltmeter with respect of standard ammeter & voltmeter.
  • Open circuit & short circuit test of a single phase transformer.