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Major Equipments:

  • Flurosent Lamp,Heavy duty copper polyster choke,Starter,Starter,Variac.
  • Carbon lamp,Rheostat,Capacitor,Portable 1Ø Wattmeter.
  • 1Ø Variac,Portable 1Ø Wattmeter (L.P.F),Tungsten Filamrnt Lamp,Dynamometer type wattmeter.
  • Analog voltmeter,Analog Ammeter,Portable 1Ø Wattmeter (U.P.F).
  • Digital Voltmeter,Digital Ammeter,3 Point Starter,Moving Iron Voltmeter.
  • M.C. Voltmeter (Analog), M.C. Ammeter (Analog).
  • Voltmeter,Miliammeter,DC voltage source,Resistor,Variable resistor(Pot),DC Shunt Motor.

Experiment List:

  • Connection and measurement of power consumption of flurosent lamp.
  • V-I characteristics of carbon filament lamp.
  • Measurement of current, voltage and power in R-L-C series circuit excited by (1Ø) AC supply.
  • Study of Series and Parallel R-L-C circuit.
  • Verification of the Thevenin's Theorem.
  • Verification of the Norton's Theorem.
  • Verification of the Superposition Theorem.
  • Verification of the Maximum Power Transfer Theorem.
  • 3Ø Power measurement by 2 wattmeter method.
  • Open circuit and Short circuit test on a single phase transformer.
  • Starting and Speed control of a DC shunt motor.
  • Calibration of M. I. type voltmeter and ammeter by DC Poteniometer.