Major Equipments:

  • DC shunt motor,Shunt Generator,3 point starter, Regulator.
  • DC Voltmeter,DC Ammeter,Compound generator,Rheostat.
  • Resistive Load box,DC shunt generator,Starter.
  • KDP switch,Transformer,Voltmeter,ICDP switch.
  • Induction motor with break drum, spring balance and stand for loading arrangement.
  • Variac,Wattmeter,Wound rotor induction motor,Generator.

Experiment List:

  • Study of the characteristics of a separately excited DC generator.
  • Study the characteristics of DC shunt motor.
  • Study of characteristics of compound DC generator.
  • Measurement of speed of DC series motor as a function of load torque.
  • Polarity test of single phase transformer.
  • Study of different connection of 3Ø transformer.
  • Study of equivalent circuit of 3Ø induction motor by no load & blocked rotor test.
  • Study the performance of wound rotor induction motor under load.
  • Power Supply(DC).