Major Equipments:

  • Multifunction load manager,Variac,Voltmeter,Ammeter.
  • Wattmeter,Alternator,Motor,Earth tester hand operated.
  • Transformer,High voltage transformer oil contraner,Pin Type.
  • Busling Type,Disc Type,Suspension Type,Kit,Oil cell heater.

Experiment List:

  • Determination of generalised constant A,B, C, D long transmision line (Kit-2).
  • Determination of breakdown test of solid insulating material.
  • Different Parameter calculation by Power Circle Diagram.
  • Dielectric constant, Tan delta & Resistivity test.
  • Measurement of Earth resistance by Earth testser.
  • Simulation of DC distribution network analysis.
  • Active & Reactive control of 3Ø Alternator.
  • Dielectric strength test of insulating oil.
  • Study of different types of insulator.
  • Inductive Load Box.