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TINT Students Speaks

Sourik Adhikari

Placed in: Amazon
CTC - 27 Lakhs
CSE: 2015-19

The faculty have really been very supportive and have always encouraged students to pursue their passion.Whenever we had any new idea to start something we always had the support from them. The faculty were always open to questions and were quite approachable when we encountered any problems. They were quite knowledgeable and helped us with all our doubts. The resources were quite adequate for exploring new things. The Hadoop cluster we have in our lab is quite powerful too.”

Rochana Sinha Ray
Placed in: Microsoft
CTC - 10 Lakhs
CSE: 2015-19

"Our CSE is one of the best departments of TINT. Rochana Sinharay Microsoft TCS CSE 2019 TIC Here all our respected faculties are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We get provided with all the study materials and online resources that we require for developing our concepts. Along with it, the faculties groom the students for the interviews as well. Apart from studies, the department encourages the students with extracurricular activities for their overall development. The teachers are very reachable, at any time of the day. While organising any event the teachers and students work together closely to make the program a success.For me it was a pleasure to be associated with CSE. I am currently working as a support engineer intern at Microsoft. I am really grateful to the CSE department for this beautiful journey.”

Anrini Chaudhuri
Placed in Microsoft
CTC: 10 Lakhs
CSE: 2015-19

My views regarding the Department of CSE are :-
# Scheduled organization of assignments, classes, tests, quizzes take place.
# The department is approachable, and the students can reach out to the teachers with their doubts.
# The teachers make extra arrangement of classes if we are lagging in syllabus completion.
# The teachers conduct classroom discussion and deliver the lecture in a structured way.
# The teachers have a helping approach towards varied academic interests of the students.
# The teachers help students by providing them with class notes and references.
# Students are assisted during lab sessions.
# Student participation is highly encouraged.

Sugam Agarwal
Placed in: Intel
CTC - 9 Lakhs
CSE: 2015-19

"I would like to thank all the faculties of CSE Department for their support and guidance. They were very supportive, knowledgeable,responsive,encouraging and friendly.They helped in enhancing skills as well as in the growth and development of the students.The faculties were always available for doubt clearing sessions.The CSE department also organizes several coding competitions for enhancing the skills of students,which also makes the students realize which areas they must work on. Our college provides good placement opportunities.It also promotes student exchange,internship etc. programmes providing new and great opportunities to students.The mentoring process of the CSE department helped me to identify my strengths and face challenges.It also organizes several seminars and conferences led by industrial experts focusing on technological advances,changing industrial trends,improving the communication skills,gaining expert knowledge,networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence."

Rohit Mondal
Placed in: Intel
CTC: 9 Lakhs
CSE: 2015-19

"I would like to thank all the faculty members of Computer Science and Engineering Department from whom I learnt lot about the different curriculum subjects. They have taught each concepts so nicely and effectively that it would be easily understandable. They were quite friendly. The Computer Science and Engineering Department conducts coding competition which helps in enhancing the skills of the students. Our college also offers very good placement. Our college also offers internship in big organizations which opens the career gateway of students.The Mentorship program in the Computer Science and Engineering Department helped me a lot . Our department used to bring many Industrial experts who would teach us new skills and hence students got an idea of how work goes on in the industry.There are boundless positive things to say regarding the Computer Science and Engineering Department which cannot be completed in one single paragraph."

Sayan Dutta
Placed in: CAPGEMINI
EE: 2015-19

I feel proud to be a student of TINT previously known as TICT. This institution not only provides quality education, it also teaches us how to apply this knowledge in regular life. College is providing special classes for Career Enhancement and skill development training which are really helpful for cracking the job interviews during campus placement.


I Swati Singh , from Applied Electronics and Instrumentation of batch 2015-2019 from Techno International New Town have got placement in Cognizant(For the position of Technical Support) and CGI (For the role of Associate Software Engineer). Our Training & Placement cell provided us domain training throughout the session and we also received pre-placement training . Our faculty members also mentored us develop the desired skills for growth of our knowledge.


I Danish Hussain, of Techno International New town (2015-2019 batch) AEIE department was successful placed in one of the reputed MNCs Cognizant. All this were only possible because of proper semester end training and pre placement classes which we got in the 3rd year in TINT. And yes of course the guidance of AEIE department cannot be unseen. All thanks to my AEIE department faculty members.


jit rakshit

I Jit Rakshit of Techno International New town (2015-2019 batch) AEIE department was successful placed in Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) . The department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation has a bunch of qualified and immensely talented faculties who has bestowed their knowledge into the fellow students. The placement cell works extremely fine for the future of the students giving them the esteemed success . Even placement for passed out batches are taken care of. The record of placement is extremely good and satisfying and a good number of reputed organizations come for the placement purpose.

Some of our Recruiters

Some of our Recruiters